40 & Fabulous


I must say I am over 40 and still fabulous. (I still look good, LOL) I have never been ashamed of who I am.  Lucky and blessed to look good for my age. Speaking of 40, this entire outfit was fashionable and under $40. Yep, its possible to get trendy looks for less. Great way to plan that Fall wardrobe.

photo 4

Fashion doesn’t have to break the bank. I have never been a fan of spending a lot trying to be fashionable. Trying to be trendy can be costly. With the economy still trying to bounce back, everything is costing more and more and more.

One of my favorite past times is bargain shopping and thrifting. Being pretty and practical is the new 40. I don’t know about you but finding a good sale is such an adrenaline rush. It’s like finding money in a pair of pants when you wash clothes. (cha ching!!!)


This outfit was on trend and great on my wallet. As you can see this outfit hit the jackpot. I’m definitely in love!!!!! LOL!!!!

photo 2


BLOUSE: $6.00 (Vintage – Thrift Store)

SKIRT: $15.80 (Forever 21+)

SHOES: $9.99 (Justfab.com – sale)



80’s Inspiration: Animal Print

wpid-wp-1411602527091.jpeg Looks like Fall is officially here in North Carolina. Last Saturday it still felt like Summer. The sun was shinning and I was attending a cookout in the country. I decided to shop my closet. As I looked at my outfit in the mirror, I noticed I was looking like Peg Bundy from the 80’s pop culture television show Married With Children. Only thing missing was the red hair. LOL!!!wpid-photo-2-7.jpg.jpeg I paired these Torrid leopard leggings with a red peplum top and red flats. Bye Summer. I guess its time to welcome cooler days and nights.

Taking Risk: Wearing A Plus Size Crop Top

“A woman’s dress should be a like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.” —Sophia Loren


Hello Fashionistas,

This past weekend I decided I wanted to take more fashion risks. Like most people I’m relaxed in my self imposed comfort zone. Although I love fashion, I often adapt trendy looks to my personal style. Which is perfectly okay since fashion for me is about dressing my body as stylish as I can.

Previously, certain trendy fashion pieces were limited to what is considered “standard size” women (ie skinny chics). With the evolution of plus fashion, trendy looks have crossed the fashion barriers. About time!!!! One of these trends is the crop top.


I am a huge fan of dressing for my body type. In my mind crop tops weren’t for women like me with a larger midsection. Well to my surprise I loved what I saw in the mirror after putting a crop top on the apple shaped body.

As you can see my first experience with crop tops wasn’t too shabby. I actually felt more chic than I expected. I know crop tops are one of those items that plus women see as risky. I totally understand. I would tell you try it, love it, then buy it. (In that order, LOL) You will never know. Why else would stores offer dressing rooms and have return policies?


Crop tops can be transitioned into your fall wardrobe by adding a blazer or moto jacket. It was worth the risk for me. Such a great way to kick off your fall fashions and stay on trend.


What other items are you transitioning into fall?


Crop Top: Forever 21+

Skirt: Wet Seal Plus

Blazer: Ashley Stewart

Jumping Into It: Wearing A Plus Size Jumpsuit

“Don’t be into trends.  Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what want to express by the way you dress and the way you live” – Gianni Versace


Hi fashionistas. Happy Friday!!!! I don’t know about you but I am ready to jump into my weekend.

I have to admit I often shy away from anything that doesn’t cover up my mid-section. But when I tried on this jumpsuit by Lajave-Cordet Fashion, I was pleasantly surprised. I was actually more than surprised.   I was in love. I have been watching the jumpsuit trend from the side lines all summer. I threw caution to the wind once I actually saw myself in the mirror. I am very confident but if I don’t feel good in an outfit, I spend too much time being self-conscious. It’s hard trying to find that balance in wearing what’s trendy versus wearing what looks good on my body. As I always says all trends are not for everybody or every body. Besides, trying to always be trendy will have my closet full of pieces I won’t wear.  I always choose what looks good on me. But today I choose to jump into this style.  I am no longer on the sidelines I am a part of the jumpsuit team.  This outfit was a touchdown and I am owning this look.




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Plus Size Women Want Fashionable Shoes Too


Hi Divas. It’s HUMP Day. And speaking of HUMPS. These calves of mine are going to be the death of me.




Like many of you I really love shoes. Seriously, I really, really love shoes. I can’t even tell you how many pair shoes I have. I lost count a long time ago. The right pair of shoes is the best accessory to complete any outfit. Although most of the time I am the high heels wearing kind of woman, there are times when it is nice to slide on a pair of comfortable shoes. When I say comfortable I truly mean fashionably comfortable. I have never been a tennis shoes kind of girl. But I do love a nice pair of sandals. They really complete a casual look. My issue is that I have been in love with the calf high gladiator sandals for some time now. But as usual, I am disappointed.

Kortney K GladiatorI just love this look by Kourtney Kardashian.  I have the shorts, the shirt but missing the all important sandals to complete this look.  I am inspired by this casual day look.  But with the wrong sandals it wasn’t working for me.

And of course as a plus size woman with big calves there doesn’t seem to be a designer that has made these trendy shoes. I can admit I have BIG calves like many of you. It is what it is.

I have been on the hunt for the wide width calf gladiators since the spring. Now it’s August and still no sandals for me. Yes, it’s great that boot makers have realized that plus size divas like to wear boots too. They have even created trendy wide width shoes. Side Note: I hate seeing plus women who scrunch down a nice pair of boots. Why not just invest in the right kinds of boots? Shoes are like clothes. The better the fit, the better they look.

So as the summer prepares to come to an end, so have my hopes of the distressed shorts with the gladiator sandals.    maybe the sandal designers will realize this by next summer. Why not think of the consumer? Plus size clothing designers have realized the importance of providing trendy options. The revolution has begun. It’s time more shoe designers and retailers to realize the plus size consumer’s buying power. There is plenty of money to be made in this community. Well I until then, I guess I will start looking for my fall shoe wardrobe. A great excuse to go shopping. I honestly don’t need an excuse. (LOL)

“A woman and her shoes… it’s a beautiful thing.”


WS Fringe WS Skater Skirt WS Overall







After a successful online presence, Wet Seal Plus is coming to a store near you. Wet Seal’s plus size collection is geared towards the trendy plus size woman. Sizes will range from 14-24. To celebrate, Wet Seal is hosting grand opening parties at their plus store locations on August 16th (yep, this Saturday). This will not be your average party. Wet Seal is offering a special sale, giveaways and so much more. According to John D. Goodman, chief executive officer of The Wet Seal, Inc., “It is the natural progression for the line, and we hope that our customers will be pleased to find it accessible in-store for an engaged shopping experience.” Now this is how you go BIG. (LOL!!!!)

Click here to find a Wet Seal Plus store near you. And fashionistas don’t worry; you will still be able to shop online as always. This is truly a win, win for plus size women: fashionable looks at affordable prices. Not to mention, they are just in time to prepare for your fall fashion wardrobe.

Think Pink 365: Real Gladiators Fight Like A Girl

“We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up or fight like hell.” – Lance Armstrong


Welcome to this month’s installment of the Think Pink 365 initiative and I brought a couple blogger friends along. It takes a team to make the dream work.  I’m TEAM PINK.   In an effort to encourage women to think about breast cancer awareness throughout the year,  CrazyGorgeous and StylzByKattz are helping push the pink 365.  Repeat after me, “If it ain’t pink, it ain’t right!”  LOL!!!!


Although I live for pink, this initiative was actually started when a friend discovered she has breast cancer.  It is my goal to support her and other women currently entangled in one of the biggest battles of their lives. These women were born for this…they’re fighters. I must admit I miss Olivia Pope and the Gladiators. My Thursday nights are not the same since the season finale. However this is real life and these gladiators fight like a girl and the only scandal is that there still isn’t a cure for breast cancer as of yet.

In the Charlotte area, Susan G. Komen Charlotte  is a great organization that provides support and resources . In addition to knowing your risk and knowing what is normal for you, GET SCREENED. Susan G. Komen suggest getting an annual mammogram. For women in the Charlotte area with little or no insurance, there are 3 locations that offer FREE mammograms:

  • Mecklenburg County Health Department
  • Novant Health – Presbyterian Medical Center
  • Novant Health – Matthews Medical Center

For those ladies outside this area please visit the nearest Susan G. Komen office.  To locate an office near you for more information on resources available click here: find my local office.

If you want to support this initiative please submit pictures of you wearing pink to sizerevolution@gmail.com.  I would love to see your PINK POWER.





“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to really look fear in the face”